Our story

Born out the Northeastern University SMART Center, Zepsor embraces the true Northeastern University essence defined by innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, experiential learning, global engagement and diversity. It started as an idea that challenged all the established norms in the field of sensing, it became a winning research proposal that produced a groundbreaking proof of concept, and eventually transitioned into a startup. Zepsor was born.

The Zepsor solution transforms the way we use power to perform sensing functions, achieving unprecedented energy efficiency and ultimately enabling the implementation of a truly persistent and ubiquitous event-driven sensing capability. Zero-power sensors will be present everywhere in our lives and transform our daily routines to the same extent the Internet has changed our everyday life. Zepsor is delivering first-of-a-kind solutions that make this a reality.

Our team

Matteo Rinaldi

Co-Founder & CEO

Zhenyun Qian

Co-Founder & CTO

David Horsley

Founding Advisor

Paul Pickering

Silicon Catalyst Advisor

Our company history

January 2015

Idea conceived

October 2015


September 2016

Proof of concept demonstrated

October 2017

Research published in Nature Nanotechnology

December 2018

Follow-on research funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

April 2019

Follow-on research funded by ARPA-E

May 2020

Patent granted

June 2020

Follow-on research funded by NSF

August 2020

Technology-to-market fit identified through NSF I-Corps program

January 2021

Zepsor incorporated

March 2021

Zepsor R&D funded by DHS

November 2021

Fully functional packaged protoypes demonstrated in lab

July 2022

Zepsor R&D funded by ARPA-E

December 2022

Raised pre-seed funding from Silicon Catalyst Angels and other seed-stage investors

January 2023

Zepsor R&D funded by DARPA

June 2023

Started prototyping with a mainstream MEMS foundry partner

November 2023

Secured exclusive license from Northeastern University

January 2024

Zepsor R&D funded by  NSF

Let's Talk

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